Richie Sambora

**The King Of Swing**

Richie Sambora, guitarist of Bon Jovi
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This community is dedicated to Richie Sambora, the guitarist and founding member of Bon Jovi. Richie is one of music's most talented and respected songwriters, singers, guitarists and producers. Here, you can post anything Richie/Bon Jovi related.
Everyone is welcome here, so come join by all means.. rock on!! \m/(*_*)\m/

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Rules (there are only a few, don't worry):

[x] All posts must be related to Richie/Bon Jovi in some way.
[x] Be nice and civil to fellow members.
[x] Put all pictures, graphics, spoilers and results behind a cut!
[x] Last but certainly not least, no bashing Richie, or else you'll be banned. After all, this is for the fans!

*This is also the first Richie Sambora community on lj*


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