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Richie Sambora
**The King Of Swing**
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20th-Nov-2010 11:51 am - To All Members
FUNNY - Elephant Trampoline [ANI]
If any member here sees any posts that are spam...Please contact one of the mods here...

Myself r_sambora_luvr Try me first if i don't respond promptly than contact jovi_diva and we will delete the post...

I am going to go through a member cut as well...

Anyone wanting to stay on here please comment here....

I am also looking to add another maintainer here to get this community up and going again... if you are interested please let me know in a comment here...

17th-Jul-2008 05:48 pm - Introduction
Oh hi.
I'm new here.
My name's Kendra.
I'm from Canada.
Richie Sambora is basically my idol.
I worship at his feet.
Nice to meet you all.
All right, this is yesterday's news, but it's worth posting, because it's seriously cool of Richie to do this. (x-posted to new_jersey_boys)



July 11, 2008

Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora is auctioning tickets for his band's upcoming New York concerts to help a young girl battle a brain cyst. The guitarist is working with a New York radio station to help the family of New Jersey high school student Kelly Mahon pay for their daughter's massive medical bills.

Sambora - who shares Mahon's alma mater at Woodbridge High - will begin the bidding for the two Bon Jovi packages at $1,500 when the auction hits the airwaves on Friday on New York's rock radio station WPLJ.

The winner will receive tickets to the band's upcoming concerts at Madison Square Garden next week, autographed memorabilia, and an invitation to meet Sambora backstage before the show.

Mahon was left nearly incapacitated after complications followed a 14-hour operation last autumn to remove the cyst - leaving her dependent on a respirator and suffering from blurred vision. She remains hospitalized, although doctors say her progress indicates she could return home soon.

Courtesy of www.starpulse.com

EDIT: Follow this link for follow-up and some nice photos of Richie and his birthday cake at the auction at the radio station: http://www.wplj.com/Article.asp?id=775520
Also, you can buy a "Team Sambora" teeshirt to help Kelly as well. It's pretty cool for $25:
5th-May-2008 04:12 pm - article on sleazeroxx.com
green tea


April 30, 2008

Richie Sambora reportedly is set to replace Bret Michaels in the next season of TV dating show "Rock of Love."

Poison frontman Michaels recently wrapped season two when he chose wannabe actress Ambre Lake as the winner and his new girlfriend.

Despite the first season being exposed as a fraud -- the winning contestant already had a boyfriend -- Michaels and Lake insists this time it is for real, and they are handing the show over to another single star.

Bon Jovi guitarist Sambora 48, has been single since his April 2007 divorce from actress Heather Locklear and a short-lived romance with Locklear's former pal Denise Richards ended last year.

And TV bosses want to help him find love. A source tells OK! magazine, "He's perfect for TV. If you thought Bret (Michaels) was must see TV, you ain't seen anything yet. Richie is going to be a train wreck looking for love."

Courtesy of www.sfgate.com
14th-Mar-2008 04:12 pm(no subject)
Richie: *smile*
Today is a perfect Richie Sambora day. When you get to know me you'll figure out I'm a total Richie addict.  I am still looking for people who love Richie as much as I do. I hope to start a Richie icon soon, my sister is gonna get me started soon. I will except anyone who likes Richie & Bon Jovi, it might take me awhile to get back to you but i will get back to you soon. 
12th-Mar-2008 07:42 pm(no subject)
Richie: *smile*
 I have been a Richie/ Bon Jovi fan since the band started. Richie is my biggest obsession, I have always thought he is the sexiest man on the earth!  I am looking for other Richie fans to write to, I am hoping to make some loyal Richie friends.
7th-Mar-2008 03:04 am(no subject)
girls » blonde with blue tips
Hey guys, it's been kind of a while since I posted here! Life got super busy between college and work (aka evil and more evil >:]) but in my spare time I have been able to start work on my long time dream, a RS fansite & forum. We've been open now about four months (when the Jovi message boards went down, we came up, haha), and we decided to do a little project that I want alllll Richie fans involved in:

A Richie Sambora Fan Scrapbook!!!

I'm going to the Atlanta concerts 4/30 and 5/1, and I've had a friend whisper in Obie's ear to expect a gift for Richie. I'm putting together a personal scrapbook from his fans from all over the world, with a letter, picture, quote, memorable ticket stub, etc. and combine them all as a special gift for such an awesome guy. I've made a post about it on my forum, complete with guidelines and everything, so take a look if you'd like to contribute!!!


(You can view it without logging in, but if you'd like to reply on the site it will require you to log in/sign up)

I've cross posted this on Samboraly Yours and Facebook, so if you're seeing it multiple times, my apologies!

Please let me know what you think, either here or on R-S.o's thread about the book!
18th-Feb-2008 12:05 pm - Tribute To Richie Sambora
FUNNY - Elephant Trampoline [ANI]
This is a video i made awhile ago...It is my tribute to Richie Sambora...I recently uploaded it and thought i'd share it for anyone who didn't get to see it...

All music is by Richie Sambora & Bon Jovi...Arranged by me..

Cross Posted to my personal journal
5th-Dec-2007 05:02 pm(no subject)
4 No Doubt
3 Kristen Bell
4 Kat Von D
10 Marilyn Monroe
4 Disney (2 Mary Poppins)
29 Bon Jovi
10 Aerosmith (Steven Tyler and Joe Perry) (+2 w/ Billie Perry; +1 w/ Jimmy Page)
6 Bob Dylan (3 from I'm Not There)
3 Phil Lewis
2 Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
1 ANTI-Donna D'Errico (because Donna = PURE EVIL)
1 Paul & Linda McCartney
1 Texas Clouds (my picture :D!)
4 Mötley Crüe (+1 ANTI-Tommy)

(A motley crew (har har!) of 84 icons!)

Special Note: I have many icons in posts I made before this. I had to lock them to prevent thievery (arr!), unfortunately (and I will likely do the same with this post in a few weeks' time). The icons are of pretty awesome subjects: Vince Neil (almost 70 icons!), Twisted Misters (from the WSOPC season 2), Bon Jovi & Thin Lizzy, and Mötley Crüe & Sixx: A. M. (32 icons of the latter!)!

r_sambora_luvr: If this post isn't allowed, please let me know and I will delete it ASAP.
26th-Oct-2007 12:39 am - North American Tour Dates...

Bon Jovi on Lost Highway World Tour

NEW YORK, NY -- (October 26, 2007) – “We’re starting in New Jersey and then taking it to the world,” exclaimed Jon Bon Jovi on stage earlier tonight at the grand opening of The Prudential Center in his home state of New Jersey. With that, the band tore into an explosive concert that marked the first of 10 sold-out concerts and the surprise launch of Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway World Tour. Anticipation is running at an all time high as concerts in more than 10 countries have already been confirmed including Canada, the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Austria – and counting. Tickets for U.S. dates will go on sale on beginning Saturday, November 3rd, with additional markets and dates to follow in the coming weeks. Fans should continue to log on to www.bonjovi.com for the most up to date concert and ticket on sale information.

Bon Jovi, who could've played ten nights anywhere in the NY/Metropolitan area, chose to kick off their next World Tour with ten nights at the brand new Prudential Center in Newark, NJ for a total attendance of over 150,000. The band's sustained presence at the new venue was a conscious effort to support the growth of Newark, NJ, which is currently undergoing a major economic revitalization.

"We applaud Bon Jovi's decision to launch their tour from The Prudential Center in Newark to bring worldwide attention to the redevelopment of this American city, and the economic impact this arena will have in the band’s home state," said Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, the band's North American tour promoter. "We look forward to the most dynamic Bon Jovi tour yet."

Bon Jovi has set the bar for more than two decades as one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Globally, they have sold more than 120 million albums and performed more than 2,500 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 32 million fans. Their latest album, the Nashville-inspired LOST HIGHWAY was released June 19, 2007, debuted at #1 around the world and includes the hits songs "Lost Highway" and "(You Want To) Make a Memory." The band's 2005 album, HAVE A NICE DAY, featured the Grammy-Award winning song, "Who Says You Can't Go Home," and fueled one of the top-selling tours of 2005.

Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway World Tour Itinerary (as of 25-Oct-07)


25-Oct-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
26-Oct-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
28-Oct-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
30-Oct-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
01-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
03-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
04-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
07-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
09-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
10-Nov-07 Newark,NJ The Prudential Center
14-Nov-07 Montreal,QC Bell Centre
15–Nov-07 Montreal,QC Bell Centre
17-Nov-07 Ottawa,ON Scotiabank Bank Place
19-Nov-07 London,ON John Labatt Centre
6-Dec-07 Toronto,ON Air Canada Centre
7-Dec-07 Toronto,ON Air Canada Centre
9-Dec-07 Winnipeg,MB MTS Centre
10-Dec-07 Saskatoon,SK Credit Union Centre
12-Dec-07 Edmonton,AB Rexall Place
13-Dec-07 Calgary,AB Pengrowth Saddledome
15-Dec-07 Vancouver,BC GM Place
16-Dec-07 Vancouver,BC GM Place
18-Feb-08 Omaha Qwest Center
20-Feb-08 Detroit The Palace of Auburn Hills
23-Feb-08 Chicago United Center
24-Feb-08 Chicago United Center
28-Feb-08 Washington DC Verizon Center
2-Mar-08 Philadelphia Wachovia Center
3-Mar-08 Philadelphia Wachovia Center
5-Mar-08 Pittsburgh Mellon Arena
10-Mar-08 Toronto Air Canada Centre
18-Mar-08 St. Paul Xcel Energy Center
31–Mar–08 Denver Pepsi Center
2-Apr-08 San Jose HP Pavilion
4-Apr-08 Anaheim Honda Center
5-Apr-08 Anaheim Honda Center
8-Apr-08 Phoenix Jobing.com Arena
9-Apr-08 Los Angeles STAPLES Center
14-Apr-08 Dallas American Airlines Center
15-Apr-08 Oklahoma City FORD Center
20-Apr-08 Kansas City Sprint Center
22-Apr-08 Des Moines Wells Fargo Arena
24-Apr-08 Nashville Sommet Center
26-Apr-08 Ft.Lauderdale Bank Atlantic Center
27-Apr-08 Tampa St. Pete Times Forum
30-Apr-08 Atlanta Philips Arena

* Worldwide tour dates will continue to be announced within the coming weeks. Fans should visit www.bonjovi.com for the most up to date concert and ticket on sale information.
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